Grab a Spoon Cakery Margaret River WA


Nadia Considine

Founder/Chef/Pastry Chef

"I’ve gotta be honest . . . I was never much of a dessert person when I was younger, in fact, I was terrified of baking. Every batch of biscuits stuck to one another, every cake came from a cardboard box, and meringue, forget it! The perfectionist in me gave up on trying and I regrettably resorted to sad, store-bought, bland and boring cakes.

It wasn’t until I took on a job as a personal Chef whilst living in the United States, that I realised I’d found my true passion and my calling, even if I felt like I’d be thrown in the deep end at first.

What transpired surprised even myself. This new colourful world of delicate, artistic desserts captivated me. I couldn’t get enough. My previous aversions melted away and my creative imagination took over. It wasn’t work anymore, it was art, and the possibilities were endless.

I couldn’t stop obsessing over everything that was sweet, but there was so much more to learn and experiment with. After my move back home to W.A., I worked alongside some brilliant Chefs who pushed me to be better, to create ‘joy’. I didn’t want to do anything else anymore. This was it.

Grab a Spoon emerged when I took a leap of faith. I wanted to create happiness for myself and others every day, not just once in a while. To embody a smile in a slice of cake. To celebrate life with a rain of sprinkles. To realise the secret ingredient is always love.

So, say yes. Embrace the moment. Eat the cupcake. Look through the eyes of a child staring at a candle. Acknowledge the possibilities of the happy couple cutting a cake in celebration. The world is so serious the majority of the time. Life is what you make it, so make it count. Grab a Spoon and dig in".

Grab a Spoon is a small privately operated cakery owned and operated by experienced Pastry Chef Nadia Considine in Margaret River, Western Australia.

Committed to baking top quality cakes with exceptional flavour and decorated with artistic flair, Grab a Spoon cakes continue to excite and amaze each guest at every party and event.
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